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Project Description
The Microsoft Office Communicator Vista Gadget is Windows Vista Sidebar gadget that includes functionality to track your Favorite 5 contacts, have the gadget track the Top 5 contacts you communicate with, check your voicemail, and interact with your contacts directly from the sidebar.



To use the gadget, you must be running Office Communicator 2007, and also be running Exchange Server 2007 in your organization.


Connect to Exchange Web Services

The gadget uses Exchange Web Services to interact with your organization's Exchange Server. It uses this to check and retrieve your voicemail, and also to help track who your Top 5 contacts are.


By default, the gadget uses Autodiscover to figure out your Exchange Web Services connectivity details. You can alternatively specify a server address manually.

Top 5 Contacts

This screen allows you to configure the metrics that the gadget will use to track the Top 5 contacts that you interact with.


Favorite 5 Contacts

The gadget allows you to maintain 5 favorite contacts, these contacts can either be people or phone numbers.


You can add contacts in several ways:
  • Drag a contact from your Office Communicator contact list into an empty Favorite 5 slot
  • Type a contact's Sip URI into an empty Favorite 5 slot
  • Type a contact's name into an empty Favorite 5 slot
  • Type a phone number into an empty Favorite 5 slot

Once you have added a contact to your Favorite 5, you can also change its display name.

After adding contacts to your Favorite 5, you can specify a default click action for when you double-click the contact in the main gadget window. The available options are:
  • Instant Message
  • Phone Call
  • Communicator Call

By default, the default click action for a phone number contact can only be a phone call.


If your organization uses Office Communications Server as your phone system, the gadget will poll your Exchange Server to check if you have new voicemail.

If you have new voicemail, the gadget displays a "new voicemail" indicator.


Clicking the voicemail icon opens a screen which lists all your voicemails, and indicates whether an individual voicemail has been read. Double-clicking a voicemail will open it in Outlook Web Access.


Known Issues


The gadget uses the Office Communicator SDK for all Office Communicator automation functionality, the dll for the SDK is bundled into the ClickOnce manifest that is packaged into the gadget. In Windows Vista (pre-SP1), the code can only use the Office Communicator SDK COM object when UAC is turned ON. Vista SP1 is supposed to resolve this issue, but we have seen inconsistent behavior with that.

64-bit Support

For now, the only way to run this gadget in Vista x64 is to run the 32-bit version of sidebar.exe

Internet Explorer 8

Since the gadget is essentially running an XBAP application, PresentationHost.exe is used to host it within IE. Some issues with the gadget hanging were reported when using IE8.

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